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Gynecological Surgery

Millions of women globally opt for gynecological surgery to correct certain complications in their reproductive systems. Several procedures focus on the evaluation of the GYN to administer the correct treatment to emerging problems. Typically, gynecological surgery definition refers to specialized procedures to a woman’s reproductive system such as the vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian including the urinary tract and the bladders

When looking for gynecological surgery, it is essential to have comprehensions concerning different types of gynecological surgery. This allows you to familiarize yourself with what to expect when you are in for a specific operation. It should be noted that some surgeries are simple and can quickly be done in a surgical gynecologist office’s while complicated procedures are conducted in hospitals.

Types of Gynecological Surgery

Cervical Cryosurgery

The cervix can consist of abnormal cells but often heal fast naturally without intense treatments. However, some complications may occur, leading to your doctor recommending cryotherapy, an effective method to treat cervix abnormalities. This is an effective gynecologic cancer surgery that eliminates occurrences of cancerous cells in the woman’s reproductive system.


Though it is a non-surgical procedure, colposcopy is an excellent procedure that allows your doctor to examine the cervix, vagina, and vulva in detail. It uses a colposcope diagnostics tool to identify any issues with the Pap smear. If your gynecologist notices any abnormal cells, a sample is taken and examined for a better look.

Dilation and Curettage Surgery

Also referred to as D&C, dilation, and curettage surgery involves the removal of the uterine walls intending to eliminate the build-up of cancer and polyp cells. Gynecologists use suctions and a sharp curette to remove the lining that also prevents precancerous cases of endometrial hyperplasia. It is also a pelvic surgery that also removes uterine fibroid tumors, placenta, and molar pregnancies.

Typically, the GYNO surgery focuses on the uterine walls, which are essential for implantation and holding the unborn baby before delivery. Whether you have a placenta that causes excessive bleeding, non-viable fertilized eggs leading to abnormalities or tumors, this procedure is vital. Therefore, the removal of the uterine lining allows for regeneration and healthy tissues crucial for a woman’s health.


When you have adhesion, repeated miscarriages, or intrauterine problems, hysteroscopy is an excellent procedure to remove such issues. Women who have such issues tend to consider gynecological surgery near me options for fast treatments. As the method requires a thin and telescope-like medical tool for precision, it is essential to land a well-equipped clinic and learn gynecologic surgery risk factors.

LEEP Procedure

When you search ‘gynecology surgeon near me,’ several results will show with Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procure (LEEP) being among top surgical procedures offered. It is also a gynecologic cosmetic surgery that includes cutting away abnormal tissues using electrically-charged and thin wired-loop instruments. 

Pelvic Laparoscopy

This is a laparoscopic gynecological surgery performed under anesthesia, with the patient being either generally asleep or partially awake. Besides, it is a minimally invasive gynecological surgery that involved a small incision at the belly or on the lower abdomen. Carbon dioxide is then used for a clear view of the organs and treatments such as scar tissue and ovary removal, uterus repairs, and extraction of samples for examination.

Bottom Line

Several reasons can lead women to seek gynecological surgery and live a healthier life. Having a specialist to provide excellent gynecological surgery and urinary tract infection solutions are essential. It is, however, necessary to consult your doctor to get insights about different surgery services offered today.


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