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Infertility Treatment

Both men and women require infertility treatment when they fail to conceive within an extended period. Such instances range from one partner being unable to contribute to conception or the woman incapable of carrying the pregnancy to birth. Infertility conditions are often devastating for women who face difficulties in carrying pregnancies. However, effective treatment methods can treat the situation and see you enjoying your pregnancy to childbirth.

Infertility treatment begins with a complete evaluation of a woman’s reproductive system before any desirable treatment is administered. If you have difficulties conceiving or experience infertility symptoms, then it is the right time to see a doctor and get diagnosed. This manual, therefore, provides insights about infertility evaluation and other relevant information concerning the problem.

Causes of Infertility

Several infertility causes exist that vary between men and women due to differences in the reproductive system. Primary infertility causes result from different factors ranging from health conditions to lifestyle and the environment.

Risk Factors

  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Exposure to specific chemicals
  • Being overweight
  • Sexual Transmitted Infections
  • Diet
  • Mental stresses

Medical Conditions

  • Ovulation disorders
  • Uterus and fallopian tube diseases

Infertility Diagnosis

Typically, fertility for women centers upon the ovaries that release the eggs while the reproductive duct allows it to pass through the fallopian tube to meet the sperm and fertilize. Subsequently, the egg travels to the uterus and implant on the uterine wall the growth of the embryo. Infertility testing, therefore, focuses on these processes trying to determine problems that impair the cycle.

The general gynecological physical examination is conducted while targeting potential areas that may lead to different types of infertility. Some of the tests to expect include;

  • Ovulation Testing: The test takes a sample of blood and tests for hormonal balances that facilitates ovulation.
  • Hysterosalpingography: This test focuses on your uterus and fallopian tube lining to determine any problems such as blockages.
  • Ovarian Reserve Testing: It involves determining the number of eggs in the ovary based on your last menstrual cycle.
  • General Hormonal Testing: Several ovulatory and pituitary hormones are evaluated to learn both reproduction and ovulation processes.
  • Pelvic Imaging: The doctor takes an ultrasound to your pelvic area to detect any uterine or ovarian conditions in detail.

As infertility meaning can be in detail for specialists, the diagnosis may become thorough to and in-depth. Some of these tests include hysteroscopy that includes a thin and lighted device to check diseases in the uterus, and laparoscopy is an invasive surgery that involves small incisions below the ravel to insert a viewing camera.

Female Infertility Treatment

Different types of infertility treatment are given based on causes and period of infertility, age, and personal preferences. Yet, infertility treatments costs are often high, with some infertility causes becoming a challenge to treat. Based on the causes and diagnosis results, your fertility problem can be rectified with one of the following treatment options;

  • Stimulation Ovulation with Fertility Drugs: If you are experiencing ovulation problems, a PCOS infertility treatment is administered that induces ovulation to trigger the menstrual cycle.
  • Intrauterine insemination (UIU): This treatment process involves placing healthy sperms directly to the uterus during ovulation to facilitate egg fertilization.
  • Surgery: Conditions such as endometrial polyps and intrauterine scar tissue are treated with surgery procedures through large incisions to correct the situation.

Women can also be subjected to a secondary infertility treatment, commonly referred to as Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). One of these treatment procedures is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which includes retrieving several matured eggs, fertilizing them on a dish, and implanting them into the woman’s uterus. Other techniques used include Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), assisted hatching, donor egg, and gestational carrier.

Bottom Line

Women need to schedule regular meetings with a gynecologist and inquire for infertility treatment when having difficulties conceiving or carrying pregnancies. Having the right diagnosis and infertility treatment can help you have that baby you crave for.


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