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Children clinic

It is recommended that parents with kids schedule meetings with a given children clinic to have young ones examined for abnormalities regularly. These health clinics are essential in ensuring children live a healthy life while treating certain diseases that may impact their lives in the future. Besides, the facility handles other problems, such as when children get injured while playing or fall sick and need urgent treatment. Regardless of the health problem kids experience, there are specialists prepared to handle them.

When looking for a children clinic, it is essential to get the best pediatrician who guarantees reliable outcomes. Whether your child is suffering from physical, behavioral, or mental health problems, you need the best facility to effectively treat the condition. Though some parents and guardians quickly search for ‘pediatric urgent care near me’ when seeking emergency care, it is essential to learn more about kid’s clinic.

Services of a children’s health care clinic

Accidents and emergencies

In Kenya, getting children’s clinic with adequate facilities will handle emergencies and traumas in kids. Notably, there is the ease of access to the radiology and theatres and a qualified team of resuscitation ready to respond. Kids urgent care are crucial, especially in traumatic situations.

Casualties and outpatient services

Rapid care for children is vital as it handles walk-in patients on a timely basis around the clock. A child’s clinic provides essential advice, support, and continuous assessment of children’s health when it comes to healthy growth and development. Immunizations are also included with special care needs being referred to the best pediatrician in Nairobi for further assistance.

Pediatrics inpatient services

Having comfortable and friendly pediatric rooms makes the stay in the kid’s clinic relaxing and less anxiety for both parents and their young ones. Again, there are well-trained and experienced nurses and pediatric specialists who provide care 24/7 to sick children. This is an excellent service as parents remain with kids, therefore, encouraging and delivering comfort essential for a better healing process.

ICU services

Children can become critically ill, therefore, demand for specialized care from the top-rated kids clinic. Several ‘children clinic near me’ results provide mandatory children health care services. However, there are children facilities with modern beds, highly trained pediatric intensivists, neurologists, and nursing staff to ensure your child gets the best care service. Velvet children’s clinic specialist is among the hospitals expert that offer exceptional ICU services to care for critically ill children with different severe health issues.

Malaria in Children

In children, malaria is often precarious that may drive you to consider pediatric clinic near me options for urgent treatments. The condition is transmitted by a parasite, plasmodium, a mosquito found in most areas of Kenya, and some parts worldwide. Most parts of Kenya infested with this mosquito type include Western, Nyanza, and the coastal region.

Symptoms of Malaria

  • Headaches
  • Muscle and joint pains
  • Low appetite, nausea, and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Body chills


When you take your child for malaria diagnosis in any well baby clinic, a sample of blood will be taken and tested. Blood slides, antigens, and other tests will be conducted to determine the condition and severity before treatment is administered. If the results come out negative, but the child has a fever, a follow up is recommended.


When malaria tests are positive, the illness may either be complicated or uncomplicated. For uncomplicated cases, the doctor will administer outpatient treatment of Artemether/Lumefantrine (AL) tablets. The dosage is often based on a child’s health, weight, and age. For complicated malaria, additional care will be provided in the form of inpatient treatments.


  • Avoid traveling to mosquito-infested areas or apply repellants if necessary
  • Always ensure your child wears protective clothing
  • Being indoors when it gets dark
  • Use antimalarial drugs
  • Sleep under treated mosquito nets

Though toddlers may seem okay jumping around, it is essential to step into children clinic to ascertain their health for better living. If you are a parent looking to have your child’s health optimum, this guide provides insights into what to know.


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catherine waweru
catherine waweru
I visited the hospital a while back and I must say I was quite impressed by the Quality of Customer Service from the staff. They were so kind. Dr. Bosire was also very reassuring. Thank you Velvet Women and Children's Hospital.
Selina Lwaki
Selina Lwaki
Today marked my last clinic visit, and I must say that it was sad. Dr.Bosire together with his team (Sheila and Lui)have been very professional, pleasant and very helpful for the past 7 months. Thank you so much. Anyone looking for an OB-GYN this is the place to go.
Regina Nyambura
Regina Nyambura
Dr Alex is so good at his work.Would highly recommend.
Vanessa Muthoni
Vanessa Muthoni
Visiting Velvet Women and Children Clinic was among the best decisions I have made this year. Dr. Bosire is very professional and I'm lucky to have found the clinic.
Dennis mwangi
Dennis mwangi
Dr Bosire is a true specialist always keen & meticulous. From the time my wife & I stepped foot at your clinic we were reassured & nothing has ever made us question your judgment. Always on call despite the day or time, very friendly, gives attention to any issue that you are not ok with. He was always on loop each time we visited any hospital & he would talk to that doctor to know the exact meds or diagnosis being given to my wife. I'll always recommend you to anyone who asks me of your service.
Dianah Ayuma
Dianah Ayuma
Dr.Alex Bosire is one of the best gyneacologists specialist have ever encountered in my life.
Bettsy Koko
Bettsy Koko
When I was looking for the best gynecologist advise,, only to find Doctor Alex Bosire from Velvet Health Care, advised me wisely, great service from them.
joy koech
joy koech
The velvet prenatal book is very helpful. Thank you Velvet Healthcare!
Naomi Chacha
Naomi Chacha
I was at upperhill and needed a well women clinic. Quite lucky to find Velvet Care. I got Pap test screening very fast! Thank you the advice too