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Menstrual suppression

Menstrual suppression is the pausing or altering the monthly shedding of the endometrial lining within human menstrual cycle. Manipulating the menstrual cycle is safe when you as it uses the hormonal contraceptives. Even though other people use it for the intimate moments.

menstrual suppression
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Women with painful menstruation, excessive blood loss, and burden of menstrual hygiene are known to use menstrual suppression. Gynecologic care and advice are critical before you take the pills. Discover more about its effects when to take, benefits and the causes.

What are the effects of stopping ones menstrual?

It is becoming a common practice amongst women, examples when you are going for vacation with the hubby and your menstrual cycle are close. So you take pills which are usually available across the counter to stop or hold off your periods until you come back home. It helps push the menstrual cycle.

How do oral contraceptive work?

Do they hold of your menstrual until they day you get off them completely? Yes. They mimic your body’s natural hormones and thus “confuse “your body so as not to menstruate.

When you use oral contraceptives do, they also hold off your period? And when you bleed when you stop taking them, is that your menstrual or just bleeding -an effect of not taking the pills. It’s a withdrawal bleed, lighter sometimes then usual menses.

What is menstrual suppression, any proven negative effects and when is can it be prescribed?

Menstrual suppression is the process of altering menstrual cycle. It is medically used to control a cycle for health reasons. You can use it for timing a fertility cycle, to prepare patient for surgery or a procedure, as a method of management of painful periods, reduce PMS, anemia and endometriosis.

However, these days, thanks to the internet ladies are using menstrual suppression as a means to stopping their periods from coming. The issue of having a period every month is a very complex one and in fact it is the least natural thing to receive a period every month.

The issues came up in the 1950’s when the it was socially accepted that menses should come every month but in studies done in a village tribe in equatorial Africa, found that menstrual period in a natural state should come 3-4 times a year. Menses are important to those who want to conceive. However, menses these days is associated with social issues and issues of womanhood.

The essence of the method is that a lady starts taking the medication. Usually hormonal in nature and these mimic the natural female body hormones. This prevents ovulation and keeps the womb lining thin. When she stops taking these hormones, the body recognizes the decrease in the hormone levels as a trigger to menstruate.

It is wise to consult a gynecologist before a decision to suppress the menses is taken. The discussion would entail the type of medication to use and for how long one can suppress the period.

Is it safe to suppress your menses for a short time?

Usually for honeymoon—who wants to be messy on their special day. Though a stained sheet was a sign of virginity. Provided there are no contraindications to the patient using the oral contraceptive pills or hormonal medications, it is a safe process all in all. After all, prepuberty, pregnancy, while breastfeeding and in menopause, women go through prolonged periods of not receiving their cycle. This menstrual suppression also doesn’t mean that your period blood will build up inside your womb until you burst. Suppression just prevents your period from building up.

Are there benefits of suppressing menstrual cycle?

Yes, especially in those who get heavy and painful periods. Use of suppression automatically reduces flow, reduces the pain felt during menstruation, reduces premenstrual symptoms such as moodiness, and breast pain. Besides, acne reduces (especially if new generation oral contraceptives are used) and not to mention the benefit of being able to be comfortable on that wedding night.

Are there any effects to menstrual suppression?

Stopping the monthly period by use of medication can lead to irregular flow once the suppression is stopped- light to sometimes heavy depending on the medication used. One can also experience break through bleeding if the suppression is done over a long period of time especially over 2 months.

Prolonged use of oral contraceptive pills has not yet been fully researched on but issues concerning losing bone mass – osteoporosis, risk of cancer and development of heart disease is still under discussion. Of course, there is the inherent risk of the side effects of the contraceptive pills such as getting a clot in the veins, nausea, weight changes, and mood changes.

Methods of menstrual suppression

Other methods used for menstrual suppression include use of the 3 monthly injection. Besides, our gynecologist advises you to use of certain intrauterine devices or coils and use of some contraceptive implants.

Frequently asked questions about menstrual suppression

What does menstrual suppression do?

Menstrual suppression is the process of using medication to reduce or stop the menstrual periods.

Is it healthy to suppress periods?

According to Every Day Health, period suppression is safe. Obstetrician- gynecologists should advise you before choosing to one.

What drugs are used to suppress the menstrual cycle?

Birth control pills are the hormonal contraceptives used to suppress the menstrual cycle.

Menstrual suppression occurs regularly for medical and non-medical reasons. Reach to our well women clinic before making that decision. It secures your future and that of your partner.

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