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postpartum hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage in Kenya

Postpartum hemorrhage is a serious condition that causes excessive blood loss. It can be fatal. It occurs after child birth or before 12 weeks after delivery. There are different causes, risks, and treatment procedures for postpartum hemorrhage. Blood of about 500 ml is lost during vaginal delivery. Discover more about the complication. What is postpartum…
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Gestational diabetes in Kenya

Gestational diabetes is the high glucose level that developing during pregnancy and disappears after conceive. It occurs during the late stage of pregnancy or the third trimester. Sometimes it is in the second trimester. Every year 2% to 10% of the pregnant mothers suffer from Gestational diabetes. It is glucose intolerance to some extent. The…
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Epilepsy and pregnancy in Kenya

Epilepsy and pregnancy are one of the widely discussed topics in women health. Becoming pregnant when you have epilepsy is risky. Getting women health expert to guide and advise you, can work in your favor. How do you manage Epilepsy and pregnancy today? It is one of the issues that raises concerns during seizure medication.…
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