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Velvet Women and Children Clinic provides the highest level of health care to women. This includes gynecological and obstetric services in Kenya and Beyond. Our office has the best gynecologists in Kenya who are experienced in offering quality care to every patient.

As a women clinic we have quite a number of steps in attaining our goals of providing the best care to women of the top level. Even though it is ongoing, we remain focused to offering obgyn care in Nairobi area and beyond. We have the recent medical equipment’s with serene treatment facilities. The reception area is welcoming and accommodates even the young ones- there is play area.

We provide a variety of treatments in our office:

  1. Ultrasound to check on any pregnancy issues
  2. Evaluation of pap smears
  3. IUD placement services
  4. Other gynecological services

Our other goal is to continue to improve maternal health care in Kenya and Africa at large. We understand how crucial pregnancy care is to the society. The importance of taking care of pregnancy before and after delivery. This is why our we provide care and support the best way to our clients. Also, it is why we offer educational resources in our blog.

We have dedicated support who works around the working hours to give you advise and answers all relevant questions in gynecology and obstetrics. In case, there is need to speak to our physicians you are connected directly to get help!


Velvet Women and Children Clinic blog and services section are to help you familiarize on some issues about maternal care and children health practice. We believe in investing in educating our clients and Kenya at large. Visit our state if art offices today and get expert physician!


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