Annual Check Up

Gynaecologists are paramount when it comes to annual check up for women with problems related to the reproductive systems. It is essential to have at least a single pelvic exam to ensure the reproductive system is free against specific issues. Typically, an obgyn with at least eight years in operation and certified by the board can examine both gynaecology and obstetric symptoms effortlessly.

 The primary objective of an annual check up is to detect developing problems and treat them at an early stage. This prevents severe pelvic condition that can lead to barrenness or life-threatening diseases. When you google an annual check up clinic near me or an annual check up female near me, there are various obgyns around capable of helping you with the assessment. However, it is essential to learn a few things before entering that examination room. This guide gives you a brief of gynaecology and guidelines about how much is a full body check up.

Overview of Obgyn

Before sinking into learning about an annual check up obgyn, it is important to note differences between gynaecologists and obstetricians. A gynaecologist focuses on the female's reproductive system while an obstetrician solely specializes in pregnancy and childbirth. As such, an obgyn is a doctor specializing in both the female reproductive system and pregnancy and childbirth.

Gynaecologists and obstetricians often undergo thorough training but must first train as doctors. Specialization then follows that sees each focusing on different fields of either gynaecology or obstetrics. An examination is then provided that allows for certification and registration to operate as specialists in pelvic exams. When you look for a women’s health check up near me, the specialist you find is likely to have all qualifications needed.

When to Visit an Annual Check Up Doctor

Generally, gynaecologists recommend annual screening for all women and girls between ages 13-15 years. However, you should visit an obgyn when you have problems in the pelvic, vulvar, vaginal pain, and unusual bleeding from the uterus. Checkups at an early stage are vital as the doctor ensures that girls are developing okay. After the first doctor's appointment, it is essential to continue with the annual exam until you are 21 or as recommended by the doctor.

Besides, there are other pelvic conditions that your obgyn includes in the annual check up list when you visit. These include;

  • STIs
  • Cancers
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Family planning programs
  • Problems with pregnancy, menstruation, and fertility
  • Benign diseases
  • Premalignant conditions
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Endometriosis

What to Expect During the Check Up

Several results will show when you search ‘annual check up doctor near me.’ The results will direct you to the nearest obgyn doctor to evaluate your reproductive systems and treat any emerging problems. When visiting your obgyn, here is what you should expect during the examination;

  • General health check that includes weight, blood pressure, blood, and urine tests.
  • Physical examination of learning more about your medical history and preparation for the analysis.
  • Examining your pelvic begins from outside the vagina, reproductive organ, inside the vagina, and cervix.
  • A pap smear test involves cell samples from your vagina being tested for cervical cancer and other diseases.
  • Internal bimanual exams assess the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries with two gloved fingers.
  • Examination of lumps or other abnormalities in the breasts.
  • STD tests.

Annual Check Up Cost

The cost of gynaecologist annual check up often varies based on location and facility providing such services. However, when you search full medical check-up price Kenya for instance, several facilities will show with variation in prices. For this reason, many consider annual check up near me options to find the best obgyn locally to cut traveling costs.

Bottom Line

Visiting an obgyn for an annual check up is the first step towards a healthy reproductive system, smooth pregnancy periods, and childbirth. These specialists will eliminate any emerging problem and provide you with a healthy life. Feel free to contact our experts for guidance today.


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